The Study and Nature of Subconscious Reality

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Notes to: Future Students

Neurontology is for EVERYONE. The importance of understanding and using the Subconscious for SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SELF-FULFILLMENT and FREE WILL can never be overstated. What benefits one, will automatically influence the betterment of others. It is a Subconscious Reality.

Neurontology is the Study of The Subconscious and the Subconscious is where your options are. Without options, choices for the future cannot be made, problems cannot be solved and lives cannot be fulfilled. The time has arrived for The Subconscious SYSTEMS, Subconscious LIFESKILLS and Subconscious SOLUTIONS to be made available to the General Public.

If you can use a Home Computer, you can learn to use Neurontology. You can learn New Programs or Apps on a Computer, so can you learn New "SUBCONSCIOUS LIFESKILLS" and "SUBCONSCIOUS APPLICATIONS" for your own use.

We have no way of knowing the number of LIFESKILLS available to mankind.We can only explore and teach what we learn to others....to any who would learn!

YOU ARE INVITED to participate. Learn what you want to learn, perhaps help others in their quest as you yourself learn. TO EXPAND your consciousness into the Subconscious is not a privilege, it is doing what is Natural and beneficial for any who would use a little courage to expand their realm of Personal Reality.

IF...you are looking to help others or
IF....You looking to help yourself or
IF...you are seeker who is driven to know the SECRETS OF SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY or
IF...you are an Explorer of Life


Perhaps we will meet one day.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Alan Stibbard


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