The Study and Nature of Subconscious Reality

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What is Neurontology?

Neurontology is the "Study of the Subconscious and your Conscious ability to understand and direct it".

THE SUBCONSCIOUS is the Consciousness of the WHOLE HUMAN BEING... not just the Mind. That is what Neurontology describes.... The Conscious and Subconscious of the Whole Human Being.

Neurontology explores Subconscious Reality creating Conscious Thought so that Individuals like you CAN LEARN TO EXPLORE THEIR OWN SUBCONSCIOUS.

Neurontology is based on THE HUMAN-BEING CONCEPT, Neurontology describes the INTEGRATION of The Human and the Being, The Physical and the Non-Physical, The Spiritual and The Material,  the Conscious and The Subconscious of each, integrated as one, one teaching the other, until a degree of Mastery is attained.

Neurontology is a NEW DEFINITION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. It is the Subconscious Reality, becoming Conscious and available to all who would learn. It is the LIFESKILL of the 21st Century.


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