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About Alan Stibbard


G. Alan Stibbard - NeurontologistMeet Alan Stibbard, Neurontologist, Expert in Subconscious Reality, Teacher and Mentor to the Subconscious.

He enjoys 30 years of Training, Research, Education and Therapeutic Life Experience, all in the ARENA OF SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY.

Alan is the Lead Instructor of NEURONTOLOGY in The U.S. and Canada. He also retains a Private Practice and Consultation Service.

His primary focus, outside of teaching, is working with people in "Subconscious Reality" and "Subconscious Lifeskills" development so they may enjoy a more enriched and fulfilling Lifestyle.

In speaking with Alan on a consulting basis, you will immediately realize his sense of authority and focus. You will find him a keen and insightful listener as you present your questions, comments or life challenges during your appointment time.

He knows you are looking for perspective and insight that may have eluded you to date. He will not ask you to "reinvent the wheel". Instead, he may point out your systems of thought, new ways of looking at old problems,
introduce a "Subconscious Lifeskill" or two and Mentor and encourage your "Subconscious Abilities" into activity under the watchful eye of your own consciousness and his tutelage.

People describe their time with him as an experience they will long remember. His ever encouraging perspective holds promise and encouragement to any who would consult him.

Alan may hold private workshops in areas where he is teaching, or for a few, personal consultations may be available.

Alan's personal advise to all....

Neurontology teaches that THE SUBCONSCIOUS is your greatest asset!


Your Subconscious will never harm you!

It is the FEAR OF THE MIND that hides subconscious abilities. DARE to discover your SUBCONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE, LIFE SKILLS, DREAMS AND DESIRES.

Despite what your have learned in the past, despite what others may have taught you, you are a PERSONALITY OF FREE WILL full of the Natural JOY that is LIFE ITSELF. It is waiting for you to discover it.

It is your SUBCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS waiting for your Conscious direction.

Dare to be YOU!

Alan welcomes all who would learn.


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