The Study and Nature of Subconscious Reality

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Notes to: Spiritual Leaders

Spirituality is a "Subconscious Fact of Life."

The "Human Spirit" in non-religious terms is "The true Inner Personality" of the Human-Being.

It is far beyond the reach of psychology, religion or social influence and remains in a Natural State of Self-Awareness and Grace. The Human Spirit has Unique Subconscious Knowledge, Subconscious Abilities and Subconscious Perspectives that become available consciously to you as your consciousness expands into your subconscious.

It is like learning to "Channel Your Spiritual Self." It is really channeling "your real inner personality." It is where the Inner and Outer meet, and a sense of Wholeness or Completeness is experienced.

Neurontology is Non-religious, but it does open doors to "The Spiritual Subconscious," where every Human-Being is his/her own Master.

You are invited!

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