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THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFESKILL OF THE 21st CENTURY IS THE CONSCIOUS MASTERY OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS. Every challenge, every problem, every travail in Life holds a lesson in SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY that will overcome difficulties for you. Solve problems, Self-Mastery,Enrich your quality of Life... YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS WANTS TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU. You need only learn HOW!

Generally speaking, we consult with 3 different types of Individuals.

The first are those who simply want to learn about their own subconscious and are seeking guidance and direction in using the New Subconscious Lifeskills to enrich, empower and fulfill their lives.

The second are those with a specific problem as in health, relationships, business, emotional well being and so forth and are looking for self-responsible solutions.

The third are those who are seeking an outlet to discuss and explore their own ideas, concepts and beliefs with an Neurontologist who can understand them and provide feed back for further thought.

Please note, that the Neurontologist that you consult with, will be looking at your subconscious systems, subconscious abilities and subconscious reality, based entirely on the information you provide.

All contact is by "appointment only".

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your request for an appointment. Write APPOINTMENT REQUEST in the subject line.

You will receive an email with necessary details for you to speak with a Neurontologist. Appointments are one hour in duration and there is a fee for this service.


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