The Study and Nature of Subconscious Reality

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Notes to: Philosophers (PhD's)

Neurontology is the study of the Subconscious and our Conscious ability to understand and direct it.

PHILOSOPHY is different from the Perspective of SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY. (Neurontology)

Whole Lives can be SUBCONSCIOUSLY dedicated to the exploration and experience of a single word, whole SUBCONSCIOUS THEMES around concept and emotion. Personas can be created, scripts written, goals chosen and values explored, all within Subconscious Reality.The SUBCONSCIOUS is the source of FREE WILL.

But all must be accepted by the conscious self which remains Deterministic until SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY (Neurontology) is discovered. We believe all great Minds of history have discovered and explored THE SUBCONSCIOUS to some degree, especially in the area of their "Aptitudes and Gifts." We believe that all who would learn should have access to their own SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY. (Neurontology)

Neurontology is a NEW PHILOSOPHY and NEW SUBCONSCIOUS THOUGHT  based on "The Human-Being Concept".

The Human and the Being, The Physical and the Non-Physical, the Conscious and The Subconscious of each, integrated as one, one teaching the other, until a degree of Mastery is attained.

Our goal is to make these SUBCONSCIOUS ABILITIES (Neurontology) available to the General Public as New Frontiers of SUBCONSCIOUS PHILOSOPHY, SUBCONSCIOUS SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SUBCONSCIOUS LIFESKILLS and SUBCONSCIOUS FREE WILL of the WHOLE HUMAN-BEING, not just the Mind.

The Neurontology of the Subconscious is the new threshold that is attainable for any who have the courage to explore and learn. It is a New Ontology of the Human-Being.

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